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tr fabric is a kind of blended fabric

tr fabric is a kind of blended fabric, it is made of rayon (rayon) and polyester (polyester) these two materials in a certain proportion (polyester accounts for more than 60%) blended made, this blended fabric can be two kinds of fabrics The characteristics are all combined.

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Advantages of tr fabric:
Polyester accounts for more than half of this fabric, so the fabric will retain the characteristics of polyester. What is more prominent is the excellent strong abrasion resistance of the fabric, which is more durable than most natural fabrics.
Good elasticity is also a feature of tr fabrics. Excellent elasticity makes the fabric easy to restore to its original shape after stretching or deformation without leaving wrinkles. Clothes made of tr fabrics are therefore not prone to wrinkles, so clothes are free of wrinkles. Hot, daily care and maintenance are relatively simple.

product name scarf Brand name Cindy
material TR type scarf
producing area Zhejiang, China gender woman
size Average Code trademark Customizable
colour colour mixture or tailored colour package 1 PCS/Opp
purpose Cover the head Set Num Negotiable
 season spring, summer, autumn and winter features comfortable
style Middle East custom Can be customized according to samples

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