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With the continuous research and development and update of bronzing technology, fabric bronzing has been subdivided into industries. Taking bronzing equipment and bronzing methods as examples, there are generally two common bronzing equipment as follows:
(1) Hot stamping of round pressed round fabric:
Both the bronzing plate and the relief plate of the bottom mold are cylindrical, and the two cylindrical rollers are in line contact. The relief plate of the bottom mold is generally made of silica gel with moderate hardness. This hot stamping machine is suitable for hot stamping of whole rolls of grey cloth. The advantages are: fast speed and high output. The bronzing paper used, usually, in addition to the metal coating on the back, it also comes with bronzing adhesive. As long as the gold foil paper is selected properly and the performance of the bronzing machine is accurately adjusted, the fastness of the fabric after bronzing is basically acceptable.
But this thing also has a disadvantage. Because the fabric has more or less tension, the cloth and the bronzing paper are moving at the same time during the process of making the whole roll of cloth bronzing. When doing multi-color bronzing, it is not very good. To control the accuracy of color registration, at this time, we can only take the second place and do a good job of single-color bronzing first to achieve the ultimate.

(2) Hot stamping of flat pressed fabric:
The more common hot stamping machine is: pneumatic hot stamping machine or manual hot stamping machine, the main components are composed of two upper and lower metal plates. When fabric bronzing, generally, the upper aluminum plate heats up and moves downward. The pressure and time that need to be considered when bronzing depends on the height of the glue layer of the printed pattern and the temperature that the fabric can withstand. In most cases, the temperature is between 140° and 160°, the pressure is above 5 kg, and the time is 10 seconds. If the temperature is too low, the bronzing fastness is not ideal; on the contrary, after the fabric is bronzed, the cloth surface will become red (white cloth will turn yellow) and change color. If the pressure is too low, the fastness will be affected; if the pressure is too high, the pattern of the three-dimensional bronzing paste will collapse and lose the three-dimensional feeling

product name Scarf Brand name Cindy
material Composite wire type scarf
producing area Zhejiang, China gender woman
size Average Code trademark Customizable
colour colour mixture or tailored colour package 1 PCS/Opp
purpose Cover the head Set Num Negotiable
 season spring, summer, autumn and winter features comfortable
style Middle East custom Can be customized according to samples

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