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Lace scarf In terms of fabric and clothing functions

In terms of fabric and clothing functions, milk fiber has a variety of excellent properties. One is green and environmental protection. Because it does not use formaldehyde and azo additives or raw materials, the fiber formaldehyde content is zero; it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which can nourish the skin; it has natural moisturizing factors to make the skin soft and smooth. The second is good comfort. Its monofilament is fine in size and light in specific gravity. Its elongation at break, crimp elasticity, and crimp recovery are closest to cashmere and wool. The fiber is bulky and soft, and feels like cashmere; 

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the fiber is white, has a silk-like natural luster, elegant appearance, and is resistant to sunlight. The fastness and anti-perspiration fastness reach level 4-3. The third is moisture absorption and heat conduction. Milk protein fiber is full of voids and contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly absorb human sweat, and quickly introduce it into the air to distribute it, keeping human skin dry. The three-dimensional and multi-slit microporous structure of the fiber and the groove structure on the longitudinal surface determine that the fiber has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. The fourth is safe and durable. The dye uptake rate is high, the color fastness is above grade 4, and the original performance of the product is maintained after dyeing; it has natural antibacterial function, has higher strength than wool and cashmere, is resistant to mildew and moth, is durable, washable and easy to store; after washing Easy to dry, the permanent performance of the product can be maintained after washing, etc.

product name Tape Scarf Brand name Cindy
material Milk velvet type scarf
producing area Zhejiang, China gender woman
size Average Code trademark Customizable
colour colour mixture or tailored colour package 1 PCS/Opp
purpose Cover the head Set Num Negotiable
 season spring, summer, autumn and winter features comfortable
style Middle East custom Can be customized according to samples

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